Sons and daughters

  • Daughters and sons who want to help their parents remain at home
  • Ex-Patriates who want their parents are well cared for in their absence


Older people

  • People who live alone
  • Couples who wish to make independent choices and not depend on family
  • Couples who choose to stay together in their own home rather than be separated in a nursing home
  • Country people who have relocated to the city to be closer to children but don’t want to burden them with the responsibilities for their care but wish to remain independent but a little help at home


Those who are legally responsible for others

  • People responsible for administering Enduring Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship
  • Lawyers and executors of Wills and Estates
  • Trust Companies



  • When you or your parents need regular visits or companionship
  • When family members live overseas, interstate or in the country
  • When you or your parents need ‘safe escort’
  • When you wish to travel for business or pleasure – and know an experienced carer is looking after your parents


Our carers are expert at helping with recovery

  • When post-operative help is required following a serious operation
  • When assistance with convalescence and respite care at home is need following a hospital stay
  • When in hospital a little extra supervision and assistance is needed in addition to the regular nursing & medical staff on duty


Trustworthy, reliable and experienced

That’s why many professionals (Judges, Solicitors & Barristers, Bankers & Accountants, Doctors & Dentists), successful executives and business owners use our services to help family members remain independent and retain their dignity.

It’s also why politicians and celebrities use our services to retain their privacy.


Unable to be there as often as you wish?

If you are concerned about a family member but cannot be there as often as you would like, we can be there for you and keep you in touch with the regular reports about their care and progress.

Carers & Companions are committed to helping you – or helping you help someone else!