Compare live-in care with 24/7 care

Care arrangements

  • Carer is provided with a bed in a private room
  • Carer can usually sleep through the night
  • Usually 2 carers on a 7 day rotation: 1 carer for 3 days and another for 4 days

Care arrangements

  • A Carer is on awake and on active duty for 24 hours
  • Care is usually provided for 24 hours by 3 carers on an 8 hour shift each per day
  • Multiple carers may be rostered across 3 x 8 hour shifts for 24 hours per day x 7 days per week

Live in Care

  • Client usually sleeps through the night
  • Client is usually mobile: able to walk, has a walker or a wheel chair
  • Carer takes client shopping, prepares nutrition meals and accompanies client to medical & personal appointments and social outings

24/7 Care

  • Client often has complex¬†and more high care needs
  • Registered Nurse may be required
  • Palliative care support may be needed

Less expensive

Care is provided at a daily rate and invoiced at a flat rate

More expensive

Care is invoiced on an hourly basis for every hour rostered in a 24 hour period x 7 days per week