Care Services

Helping you – or helping you help someone else

Personal Daily care

Would you like someone to pop in regularly to help and then take you out?

Carers can help with showering, and dressing, shopping and cooking, caring for pets and plants and taking you for coffee or lunch and driving you to appointments. more

Companion care

Companion care is designed to help people stay at home and remain active.

It provides important social interaction and stimulation – especially when you cannot be there as much as you would like. more

Live in care

“I’d rather be at home.”

Live-in Care is for those who need one-to-one support to stay at home, retaining dignity and independence. Live-in carers provide safety and security and are with you when you want.

This can be a great alternative to a Nursing Home – some would say the best alternative. more

Overnight care

Overnight, or sleepover, is for those that don’t want to be alone at night.

You know an evening meal and breakfast is provided, medication is taken and someone is there if help is needed during the night. more

Post-hospital or Rehab care

Do you need someone to pick you up from hospital and take care of you when you get home?

Hospital to home care is designed to do just this. We can be with you for the first few hours, the first few days or for an extended period. more

Respite care

Respite care is the solution when your main carer needs a break.

We can provide the care you need in your own home while your carer is away. more

24/7 – around the clock care

24/7 care is for those with complex medical needs who need active support 24 hours a day.

Compare live in and around the clock care